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Recent Web, Mobile and Design Projects

We've worked with major brands like Liberty Mutual, Genuine Interactive, Axceler and MFS Investments developing websites and mobile applications that are strong enough for the big boys.

Using the latest cutting edge technologies, how can we help you?

Liberty Mutual
UI/UX Pattern Library

Worked with Digital Experience (DX) team to create a Pattern Library to help with component driven design effort. Helped IT department with mobile first responsive design overhaul. Using Sass and NodeJS to prototype html/sass Patterns that will be used in final production code. Collaborated with both designers and back-end developers to move project forward

(launching soon ~ Q4 2015)

BlueSoho - formerly Nellymoser
MEAN Stack - Video Library Application

A custom built application to allow user to manage, tag and upload videos. The app interacts with a third party API (encoding.com) to transcode uploads into mobile friendly videos. The files live on Amazon S3 to reduce hosting costs. Built with MongoDB and Node.js. Bootstrap is used for the UI.

Private access only.

Putnam Investments
Responsive Redesign

Helped Putnam convert their corporate public website to a mobile first responsive design. Removed previous JQuery-UI dependencies and rewrote markup to use new bootstrap framework. Moved JQuery to the latest version and coded solutions for older deprecated methods. Integrated new bootstrap calendar with existing highcharts JS code.


Modular HTML5 Web Console

Worked with UX architect to develop a new interface for the Action Workflow console. The service is at the heart of EnerNOC's DemandSMART system. The Action Management panel was redesigned to allow for faster access to information. The UI needed to provide an interface that is clean, simple and actionable 'at a glance.' Used JQuery and KnockoutJS to create a dynamic and cross platform single page app that got the job done.

Intranet access only.

Android App
MBTA Red Line Timer

A visual countdown timer that shows next approaching red line train on the MBTA. An HTML5 web app converted to native android code using Cordova PhoneGap. Optimized for speed with smaller js / ui libraries. Live real-time data from MBTA API. Version 2 schedule for release soon with a complete rewrite using Ionic framework.

Google Play Store

MFS Investments
Flash to Web App

Worked closely with marketing team to code interactive Heritage Planning tool using advanced client side scripting. The tool was previously done in Adobe Flash. The new web app has an intuitive UI, is cross browser compatible and iPad friendly. Additionally worked with designers to develop numerous micro-sites for marketing campaigns.

Heritage Planning Tool